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Milks of Plant-Based Kindness

Welcome To Planet Plants

Creams of the Plant-Based Crop

Have you ever milked a nut? 

Or a bag of oats? Or any other plant for that matter?  It’s good fun. But then, we’re Plantfolk. We’re into plants. We appreciate everything they do for us—from making the air we breathe, to nourishing us without aggravating our bodies, to just making the planet look really, really nice. So have some milk you can feel good about. Have some of ours. We promise you the cream of the plant-based crop.


As fourth generation farmers, we’re pretty proud of what we grow, and the land we grow it on. We believe great plant-based products wouldn’t exist without expert farmers growing high quality plants.


Our products are expertly crafted (by us) in our own state-of-the-art facility, based on our own personal hopes and dreams for what plant-based products can be. Unlike many of our competitors, we make all our own products. Ourselves. From start to finish.


As committed plant folk, we stand up for our Earth, and all her greenness. From sourcing to production to packaging, we are always looking for new ways to do things more sustainably.


We see each new day as a new opportunity to choose health and vitality, and to help other people happily do the same.

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