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3 OatNog Serving Tips for Holiday Hosting

Are you planning a family get-together or an intimate holiday celebration? OatNog is a great beverage option that will appeal to a crowd. Our OatNog has all of the creaminess and flavor you associate with traditional Eggnog, without the dairy or eggs. Since our OatNog is made from gluten-free oats, you don’t have to worry about serving to guests with gluten, nut, egg or dairy allergies. We think hosting is way more fun with that peace of mind! Here are a few tips to ensure Plantfolk OatNog is the hit at your party or celebration:


1. Serve chilled! Unless you are pairing with coffee, OatNog is most delicious when chilled. You can even serve in a chilled punch glass, pitcher or fancy coupe glass, the frosty appearance of the glass will be both functional and festive.

2. Provide mix-ins and toppings for your guests to customize their drink. Bourbon, brandy and rum are all great options for spiked OatNog. Offering alcohol on the side allows your guests to choose the amount and variety that they prefer. Toppings like freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and whipped cream are fun to add in too!

3. Serve your OatNog alongside a variety of treats. OatNog pairs well with cookies, pound cakes, and other decadent desserts. Consider having guests bring a treat to share with ingredients and dietary restrictions labeled so guests can all sample a taste of them all.


We would love to know how you serve OatNog at your holiday festivities! If you use any of these tips, we would love for you to tag us on social media. We can’t wait to hear what you and your guests think.


Happy Holidays,

The Plantfolk Family